You can’t get much greener.

There is the community of people out there who live off the land, don’t produce any trash, and are succeeding with lowering their impact on the planet without breaking a sweat.
These people make seemingly small adjustments to their lifestyle and receive large personal praise for their accomplishments. This isn’t a flashy lifestyle, you are limited within a small selection of designs and colors, but there is nothing so personally rewarding then knowing you are doing the absolute best you can, without over exploiting Earth’s resources.
A lifestyle like this comes in many shapes and sizes but the main idea is to maintain a healthy and a sort of minimalistic life. Your cleaning supplies, to give an example, could be limited to white vinegar, fair trade liquid soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These simple yet mighty ingredients serve a lot of purpose, sometimes working better than traditional store-bought bathroom cleaner! Other cleaning supplies might include a 100% cotton towel, a wooden toothbrush, a plant-based scrubber and a horse hair broom. All of which can be composed or easily recycled. Which is striking gold to anyone with this life style or interested in learning about it.

It is important to know that this life comes in many shapes and sizes, some enthusiasts might say buying soap in a plastic container defeats the idea of low-impact living. Some bring their own container to refill at bulk stores, others might even make their own soap.


To that I must say that we all do the best we can with the money we have, the time we have and resources we are limited to. Any change away from plastic or non-recyclable materials is an upgrade for the planet.